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TAI ASIA INVEST company was established back in 2010, when three people who had their own small business decided to unite and implement their common dream – to start building beautiful villas and cottages on the ocean and sea shores, in order to sell them to those who dream of possessing such luxury, to come there with families for a holiday season or just to have their little “piece of paradise” in a warm country.

The main goals of our company are to provide comprehensive services to our clients and assist them in solving all issues related to finding real estate in Asia. Our company specializes in the construction of residential and commercial real estate objects of various types and classes, buying unserviceable, destroyed objects requiring restoration for their subsequent renewal,services for rental and subrental of finished real estate objects, searching for resale buyers, tenants, agents and partners for business collaboration. And all this happens with minimal risks and with maximum benefit for you. Choose a reliable partner - always be a leader!
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TAI are the first letters of the names the company founders’ children, and this company name carries a deep meaning. This is a message to the children, to the family, to the hearth, the message about the parents' love for their successors and the desire to create a good and prosperous futurefor them. Developing the business and always achievingyour goals, passing a part of your life to your children, who will continue introducing innovations, adapting to the changing trends of modern life – this is only a small philosophical part of the company's mission, which allowed three ordinary peopleto transform their small dream into a large family business that will help all the clients to find the best real estate in the Asian region.

Despite the fact that the founders of the company are indigenous Thais, the business is not geographically linked to Thailand and is not limited solely to the commercial and residential real estate offers within this country. Our activity covers almost the entire region of Asia, which allows us to offer our clients real estate for every taste and in different locations, each of which is distinguished by its particular way of life, mentality, climatic conditions, and natural resources. No matter where you choose to purchase an office or an apartment, you will never regret about the acquired real estate object, which will combine the best building technologies and unique design, creating an atmosphere of comfort and safety.

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Our company evolvesday by day and seeks to improve its work, adapting to changing market trends. We have clear goals and a well-formed strategy, thanks to which we can be successful and highly competitive in the market. We do not impose our interests, but only reveal the advantages of working with our company, giving investors, partners and all clients the opportunity to make a free choice in favor of success and development.

Over the years of work in the Asian real estate market, we were able to form a professional team of specialists, which represents the whole core of our company. We are always open to new interesting solutions and we can offer effective ways to invest in real estate. Our customers and partners value us for:
  • high reputation
  • professionalism
  • reliability
  • constant development
  • current success and future perspectives
  • profitable solutions for all types of investors

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